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Wishing you a Happy and HEALTHY New Year

January 6, 2007

Well, I rang in the new year sound asleep. On the babies’ birthday I started feeling really sick around 9pm and promptly went to bed. The next day (my birthday no less) I woke up still very sick and spent most of the day asleep or reading in bed. DH was wonderful and took care of the babies (and the cleanup from their party) completely solo. I was still sick on New Year’s Eve so I sent DH off to the party by himself and had a quiet evening in bed. I felt a little better on New Year’s Day but still really weak. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I started feeling like myself and today was the first day that I was back to “normal”.

So wouldn’t you know…..DH is sick now. So, for the second Saturday in a row we have cancelled the birthday party. We had planned 3 first birthday parties for Pudding and Roo. We live in a small house and I thought that three small get togethers would be less work and less overwhelming for the girls. The first celebration was dinner with DH’s family on their actual birthday. The second party was cancelled because I was sick. Now, the third has also been cancelled because DH is sick. I think we’ll reschedule them for June when cold/flu season is over. *sigh*

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