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Ode to My Dancing Shoes

January 9, 2007

In September I became a flybaby. For those of you unfamiliar with Flylady take a few minutes to visit her site. One of Flylady’s “rules” is to always get dressed to lace up shoes. She calls them her dancing shoes. I must admit that this was not something I was following when I first became a stay at home mom. Stacy from “What Not to Wear” would have shuddered to look at me in my bare feet, stretch pants and dirty t-shirt. Since joining flylady I’ve been really good about getting dressed to shoes every morning. In fact, my day does not go well unless I have shoes on my feet.

When I got sick on December 29th, I spent the next three days pretty much in bed or on the couch. I was definately not wearing my “dancing shoes”. I started to feel better but was still pretty weak and tired. So no shoes for me. Finally, last Friday I laced up my sneakers. And you wouldn’t believe the difference it made! I got so much done it was amazing. I feel more in control with my shoes on, I feel more productive with my shoes on, I feel silly for feeling this passionately about my shoes…. 🙂

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