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IKEA – My new playground

January 11, 2007

I had the best time today. Did I go to the zoo? to the aquarium? get a massage or a new haircut? NOPE! I went to IKEA. What a wonderful place to spend the day with twin one year olds!

I took them to their 12 month doctors appointment this morning and decided to head to IKEA afterwards. We arrived at their lunchtime so we headed to the café/restaurant area, sat at a table in the corner and had lunch. Now, feeding two babies is always an event and feeding in public can often be comical. But IKEA has plenty of high chairs, a special seating area for families and even sells jars of baby food!

After the girls had eaten their fill we wandered around the store. I filled a bag with everything from bureau organizers to rubber gloves to plastic bowls to baby toys. (And only spent $12.67 I must add!) When the girls got tired of being in their stroller we headed to one of the special play areas for toddlers. They wore themselves out toddling about the room and I smiled at the fact that it was 34 degrees outside and we still found something to do besides hang around the house. I can’t wait for an excuse to go back!

My wonderful excursion to IKEA got me thinking about how the store has changed for me over the years. I remember when I was 10 years old and my Dad dragged me there to look at furniture. I was annoyed at having to be there and hated every minute of the trip. Fast forward to my college days when money was scarce and IKEA was cheap. You could furnish an apartment for less than a semester of textbooks cost. Our first year of marriage featured several IKEA runs as we set out to go from “his apartment and her apartment” to “our apartment”. Now, I’m a mommy and IKEA has become more than a store – it’s my new playground!

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