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Thursday Thirteen

January 11, 2007
Thirteen Things I’m thinking after celebrating the girls’ first birthday

1. I can’t believe the first year is already over. It’s like it goes twice as fast. ha-hah!

2. I can’t believe we all survived the first year.

3. I thought having two newborns was scary but all you had to do was feed them, change them and keep them warm. At one year old they’re in that dangerous place where how I respond, what I say and what I do actually has long term impact.

4. They’re actual little people now. They walk, babble, and move like little humans. You can see their personalities! (As opposed to their first few months where they basically were just little lumps of clay. Cute little lumps but lumps none-the-less.)

5. Who ever designed some of these toys should be forced to have them in their home permanently. There’s one in particular that makes me think that maybe my SIL doesn’t like me after all. It’s a ride on toy that they girls love but it plays the most annoying songs possible.

6. Any toys that play music/sounds and DON’T have an OFF SWITCH should be made illegal. I have a feeling that alot of toys are going to “run out of batteries” very soon.

7. One year olds are harder to feed. At least it’s hard to feed them healthy stuff. I cook two dinners now. One for them and one for me/DH. And I eat two dinners now. The first is their food that I eat while cooking or showing them how to eat or finish for them. The second is my actual dinner with DH. I’m going to gain back everything I lost. I just know it.

8. I’m sad because my one year olds aren’t 20 pounds yet. For those unfamiliar with car seat laws, children must be rear facing until they are both one year old AND 20 pounds. Since both girls are only 18 pounds we’re still stuck with rear facing car seats. I hate rear facing. I can’t see them easily which is especially annoying when you’re in heavy traffic and trying to figure out if they’re still asleep so you can decide whether to keep driving or stop at the store that’s only a block away.

9. One year olds are alot of fun. They laugh, respond to you, and (my favorite) they can walk over and hug me whenever they want. There’s just something so rewarding in them coming to me instead of me coming to them. It makes me feel like they really do like me. 🙂

10. One year olds are so determined. I watch Pudding trying to crawl under her crib this morning. She banged her head four times and still kept trying to reach the toy that was wedged under it. If only you could bottle that determination and save it for when they become apathetic teenagers.

11. Did I mention how shocked I am that we all survived the first year?

12. No, really, I have two happy, healthy one-year olds! How the heck did that happen?!?!

13. I feel really lucky to have them both. I know I complain sometimes or feel discouraged about having twins (in the abstract) but the reality of them both is such a miracle. It’s been such a fun year watching them grow, and change, and become two little people. It’s been a hard first year but a very rewarding one. I can’t wait to see what the second year brings!

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  1. ttsc permalink
    June 24, 2007 1:36 am

    I really like your blog, my daughter (only one) turned one in the end of December so they’re really close in age. Where do you guys live? Your little girls must be soo cute.

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