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Before and after kids

January 16, 2007

I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Saturday. I’ve had two on the other side pulled before and this was a relatively painless experience. They jabbed me with alot of novacaine or whatever so I was really numb. It took 7 hours for it to wear off. In fact, the areas where I was jabbed with the numbing needle were more sore than anywhere else. Go figure.

Here’s the biggest difference between having kids and not having kids. My last tooth pulling experience was about five years ago.

Then: My DH (well, he was my BF at that point) picked me up from the dentist and drove me home.
Now: I called my DH as I drove myself home to let him know that I was only 20 minutes away.

Then: My DH went to the store and picked up painkillers and a wide variety of soft foods.
Now: I ran into the pharmacy to grab a thing of pudding and some Tastykakes.

Then: I spent the next day and a half on the couch watching TV, reading and sleeping.
Now: I came home and gave both babies a bath.

Well, you get the idea. We had something to go to late that afternoon so after I got home we spent alot of time getting the kids bathed/changed/fed/etc. I’d been home two hours when i finally finished reading the instructions from the dentist. I read the part where it said “get plenty of rest and limit activity. Too much activity can prolong bleeding” and laughed out loud!

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