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Thirteen things my kids are playing with

February 15, 2007

Thirteen Things My Kids Like to Play With
1. Empty soda bottles. Whenever they break into the kitchen their first stop is always the recycling. They walk around both hugging these giant two liter bottles. It’s kind of cute in a really weird way.

2. Cell phone. They were constantly wanting to chew on my cell phone. So I gave them my old one. It’s their favorite thing to fight over.

3. Underwear. I’m now very motivated to fold laundry quickly and put it away. Because Pudding’s favorite thing is to put underwear over her head. Cute but potentially embarrassing.

4. Diaper bag. Last week Pudding spent almost a half hour (very long when you consider the attention span of the average 1 year old) dragging the diaper bag around the living room.

5. Remote Control. I don’t know why I bought all those teething toys. Nothing satisfies those sore gums like the remote control.

6. Tissue paper. Thanks to their birthday they discovered the joy of wrapping paper and tissue paper. A friend brought them gifts this weekend and it’s going to take weeks to find all the tissue paper they’ve torn up.

7. Sneakers. I don’t know why but evidently there is nothing tastier than a sneaker. Mom’s, Dad’s, their own; doesn’t matter. I no longer put my feet up on the footstool because it attracts them like bees to honey.

8. Magazines. Don’t leave any magazines around. They are sure to be chewed on and ripped up.

9. Books. They love to read but their favorite activity is to chew on grown-up paperbacks.

10. Plastic containers. Fill one of those First Years take and toss containers with cheerios and you have instant entertainment. Not only can it be banged on the floor, it rattles to make noise AND makes a handy chew toy. All for under $2 for a 6 pack!

11. Mom’s handbag. This is a good one. Pudding has taken to putting it around her neck and walking around. She objects loudly when I take it away (hello! strangling hazard!) It’s one of those bucket style purses so it hangs to about her tummy. Adorable but not the most appropriate thing for baby.

12. The couch. No need for expensive outdoor climbing equipment. The best jungle gym in the world is sitting in our living room. The minute you sit on the couch they both want up.

13. Tags. Any stuff animal with a tag on it is an instant hit. Roo will sometimes be seen wandering around carrying a stuffed animal by the tag in her mouth.

Before you start thinking these poor kids don’t have any real toys, let me assure you that they are dangerously close to spoiled. And they do play with their toys. But this list makes me think that perhaps we should save the toy money, buy an extra remote control, and more soda.

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