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Been a while….again.

March 1, 2007

I caught a cold that still won’t go away. So it’s been a while. I missed the last two whole weeks of February. Geez.

Yesterday I took the girls to the free community playroom in Media. They’re having a bad case of teething crankiness so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been. We ran into our friend J and his son Josh. Josh is about a year older than the girls. He’s kind of an unruly kid with some behavior/discipline issues. (Just ask EM about her VCR filled with jello…) I like his mom and I’ve known his dad since college but I hesitate to get together with them too often because Josh is a nightmare. I had thought he calmed down but after he repeatedly knocked over both R and then A (tears, screams, more tears) I finally just left.

We walked around downtown Media and stopped in Trader Joe’s. It’s a cute little area although I’ve been a bit spoiled by Center City. In CC all of the corners have the “dip” for wheelchair access which is great when you’re pushing a big double stroller. But no such luck in Media. Which is a little odd, I think, since it’s the county seat.

Well, I should get some housework done. The other day DH asked me “How long until they’re old enough to pick up their toys themselves?” Looking at our cluttered living room, I’m wondering the same thing!

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