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Hello, Human Resources?

March 12, 2007

Hello, HR? Hi, it’s employee number 24601. I caught the horrible stomach virus from my children and have not eaten since Friday. Therefore, I will be unable to come into work today. I no longer have the strength to even carry my 20lb daughter up the stairs. Please arrange for someone else to dress, feed, diaper, and entertain my children today. A background in basic home cleaning is also useful as there is a mountain of laundry and a sinkful of dishes.

What?!?!? I don’t get sick days? This is outrageous. I’ve got to talk to someone about my job description.

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  1. carrie permalink
    March 13, 2007 3:11 pm

    I’m feeling for you and sending lots of “get well” love your way.

    The only thing worse than being sick and having sick kids at the same time is having a sick husband!! They are the biggest children of all. So I’m praying for you that your dh doesn’t get it too!

  2. Mama's Moon permalink
    March 13, 2007 9:51 pm

    hehehe. This is funny, seriously! Not only are our ‘vacation days’ filled with child-centered activities, but we have no ‘sick days’ to boot! My hubby once commented that the only sick days he’s taken so far have been to stay home when I was the one ill. Now is that not a strong clue as to how staying at home needs to be recognized as a legit full-time paying job??!!

    Thanks for visiting Dad Said, Mom Said. Hubby thought it’d be a good idea for him to air out his complaints – so far he’s been told to “Just keep dreaming!!!” Ha!

  3. Lynne permalink
    March 14, 2007 4:55 am

    Thanks for keeping up with us. This post is so funny and so true! I guess we’ll look back on these days some day and wonder how in the world we survived.

    Take care,

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