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Poor Babies

March 23, 2007

My mommy brain caused me to type up my posts then get distracted and neglect to publish. Here’s another one:

It’s kind of odd to realize that this time last week we had a horrible snow/sleet storm which turned my driveway into an ice-skating rink.

This morning I took the girls over to my parents house because we had some out of town relatives visiting. My kids are usually friendly, happy, outgoing children. Just a few weeks ago I had to stop R who had walked head first into a complete stranger – her usual method of asking to be picked up.

Well, we arrived at my parents’ home and it became clear that they were having an off day. A stood at the front door for a solid 15 minutes and just stared at the room. Nothing could induce her to walk into the living room or even to crack a smile. R refused to let me out of her sight. I even had to bring her to the bathroom with me. When I dashed out to the van to grab some toys she cried so loud that I’m sure the neighbors were all wondering why someone was rubbing hot coals on that poor child.

The reason: Eye teeth. Yep, the eight teeth (four apiece) coming in are the eye teeth/canines. I guess the stomach virus, followed by the keep-all-of-us-up-at-night cough/runny nose/cold wasn’t enough. Like these poor little souls needed just a little more torture. I’m running out of Infant’s Tylenol.

So my newest accessory is baby-around-my-neck. It’s quite the latest fashion. As worried as I am about the weight they lost due to the stomach virus, I have found it to be handy now that they both want to be held 24/7. The only drawback is that baby-around-my-neck is not conducive to dish-washing. This leads to wet, unhappy, baby-around-my-neck. Oh well, this too shall pass….

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