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Toddler Diet

March 28, 2007

I was starting to worry about my weight. I’ve just finished weaning after pumping exclusively for almost 15 months. And before that I was pregnant with twins. So, really, since June 2005 I’ve pretty much eaten whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

When I was pregnant I had horrible not-just-morning-but-24-hours-a-day sickness. All the way up to around week 32 – out of 36. So if I could keep it down I ate it. There was a whole month where the only thing that didn’t make me sick was Kentucky Fried Chicken. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I was surprised that my girls did not have wings and feathers when they were born.

And if you think being pregnant makes you hungry, try breastfeeding twins! I ate at every nursing/pumping session. I added a second dinner. I carried peanut butter crakers with me wherever I went. I kept losing weight like crazy – at one point I was 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. (I’m not bragging, it was actually kind of scary. My doctor tried to accuse me of being anorexic.) It’s really hard to get those extra calories on carrots and apples. So I added ice cream (calcium), chocolate (my mental health) and stopped buying Low Fat snacks. I used butter, real cream cheese and Blue Cheese dressing..

I like eating. I like fatty foods. This is not good.

So, when I started weaning I was really worried that the bad habits I’ve developed would cause me to balloon back up to where I was while pregnant. (I weighed more than my dad and am a foot shorter.)

Then I discovered the Toddler Diet.

First I taught my girls to sign for “eat” and “more.” Then, I noticed that anytime I was eating they would crowd around my chair and tell me they wanted to eat. They are not satisfied with their own food but want whatever is on my plate. So, if I eat a bagel for breakfast I end up with half, they each end up with a quarter. So I’m eating less and making healthy food choices because whatever is on my plate will eventually end up in their mouths. And you don’t want to see the kind of fit R pitched when I refused to give her a piece of brownie.

No diet program is complete without exercise. People who knew me before kids know I was never what you would call “thin.” So when they see me now they ask if I workout. I tell them yes. I have two 18 pound weights that I carry up and down the stairs 50 times a day. I push a 900 pound double stroller at least an hour a day. I run twice as fast because one went one way and the other went the other way. I push a vacuum every other day to get all those Cheerios that turn up everywhere. And, I carry one load of laundry up two flights of stairs daily. It’s not helping my flabby stomach but at least I still in my clothes.

See, there are benefits to having babies. Unlike what Looky, Daddy says to “The Trophy Wife” in his Ask the Dad post yesterday.

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  1. Swistle permalink
    March 29, 2007 11:47 am

    I’m always sick in the first trimester, but with the twins it was way worse (I didn’t know it was twins yet, I thought I was just, you know, DYING). I had about a week when I ate nothing but cold (it had to be cold) sausage (it had to be sausage) pizza and lemonade.

    Breastfeeding twins was awesome, food-wise. I think that must be what it’s like to be one of those people who runs twenty miles a day and can eat whatever they want.

  2. M-j permalink
    March 29, 2007 1:19 pm

    No twins, but I know all about that type of eating.
    I was pregant with Bugaboo when Bug Boy was only 15 months old and I was still nursing him. I nursed him all through my pregnancy. I lost ten pounds int eh beginning, the midwife yelled at me and I had to start gaining. I gained SIXTY pounds by the time he was born. The next day I was down 25, but it took two years to get down another twenty five. And the last ten have been on, off, on, off.
    SInce BUgaboo has such a limited diet, if he wants something off of my plate, I give it to him!!!
    Oh, and I tandem nursed, too. That sucked up some awesome calories.

  3. Rachel permalink
    March 30, 2007 6:53 pm

    I was pregnant with the boys for eight months (pg with twins – eat whatever you want). Then I nursed them for another fifteen months (bf twins – eat whatever you want). Then I was pregnant with Julia for nine months (yes, the month the boys weaned is when I got pregnant). And she nursed for eighteen months. I guess when I look at the fact that for over four years I was able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight (since I was either burning so many calories) or couldn’t “diet” because I was pregnant, it’s no wonder that I’m having a tough time controlling my eating once again!

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