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Shhh….don’t tell my MIL

April 4, 2007

Last Wed. R’s diaper rash was so bad I called the doctor and we were asked to come in for a visit. We were given a prescription and have been studiously applying it as instructed but it didn’t seem to be making a difference. I happened to email a friend about this and she wrote back raving about Triple Paste. She’s a nurse and said she decided to try it after seeing them use it as wound care in her unit. That same day A developed a diaper rash. Not the usual diaper rash but a cry-the-whole-diaper-change-because-it-hurts rash. I remembered Triple Paste and decided to try it on A since it was one of the free samples I’d received at the ped’s office last week.

Oh my goodness, it really works. It was almost gone the next morning. I actually had to stop and think about whether it was possible I had just confused A’s rash with R’s rash. A’s tushie, receiver of the Triple Paste, is clear. R’s little butt, recipient of the prescription stuff, is still a mess. (Notice how I shamelessly appear to experiment on my children?) So, I went out and bought a tub. (The same friend had explained that the tub was cheaper than the tube, lasts forever, and it is $2 cheaper at Target then CVS or Eckerd. I love thrifty friends. No, neither of us work for this company.)

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. See, we are a Desitin household. Mostly because my MIL makes me feel like I will no longer be a member of the family if I don’t use Desitin. I had used a free sample of Balmex at her house about a year ago and was told quite solemnly that using Desitin was a {last name} family tradition. At the time this wasn’t a problem. I typically prefer Desitin myself so I got to keep my family membership card. But now I’ve discovered Triple Paste. It’s too expensive for every day use but seems to really do the trick on those hard to tackle rashes. My in laws are coming tomorrow to baby sit. Should I tell her honestly why I’m using it and risk her forcibly removing me from the family tree? Or should I just try to hide it and hope she never finds out?

Hmmm, I probably can’t handle being a single parent to twins so I guess I’ll just hide it. After all, it would be difficult to explain to the girls someday that Mommy was disowned over a rash on their butt.

Shhhh, don’t you spill the beans!

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  1. M-j permalink
    April 4, 2007 12:04 pm

    Two words for you: Allergic reaction.

    My mother is a sworn desitin user. My little guys gets HORRIBLE skin rashes, since birth, turns out that the perfume or something they use in it made the rash worse for him (plus, I can’t stand the smell of desitin!). So, one day at the doc, when he was about 3 months old and had a nasty rash, she recommended Triple paste. Since I used Target for prescriptions I asked about it there. I haven’t used anything else for four years. Except once on vacation to my SIL’s in Utah, she only had desitin and guess what? I went and found a Target the next day. She converted when she saw the results!!!

    I’d tell her that there was something in there that the girls were allergic or sensitive to. But hide the desitin just in case!

  2. Swistle permalink
    April 4, 2007 1:43 pm

    Your in-laws have their own traditional…diaper rash creme? That is. Um. That is strange. When dealing with crazy people, I avoid confrontations–so I would hide the Triple Paste. Which I’m going to go out and buy a tub of, I think.

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