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Thursday Thirteen: Can you keep a secret?

April 6, 2007

I just finished reading Sophia Kinsella’s “Can You Keep a Secret?” It was a nice change of pace from the parenting books and murder mysteries that have been my recent fare. It’s about a woman who blabs her secrets to a stranger only to meet him at work later on. They’re all basically harmless, funny secrets. So, in the spirit of the book, here are 13 of my secrets:

1. I blog. Shhhh, don’t tell my dad and step mom. They think that everyone who blogs gets stalked, has their identity stolen, or is a freak. So far only the last one is true for me.

2. I have this “anonymous” blog. I used to blog elsewhere but then my web life and my real life were getting too close. I don’t like to edit my thoughts to please someone and I didn’t want to keep worrying that I was going to get grief about something I wrote. Now I’m free to say something like:

3. I told my SIL and MIL that their identical haircuts/dye jobs/streaks were cute even though they look ridiculous. 🙂

4. I watch America’s Next Top Model. I know, I know. Even I roll my eyes at this one. But there’s something oddly fascinating about it.

5. I’ve been hiding a bag of cookies in my stand mixer so my husband won’t eat them all. (I gave up chocolate for Lent and he keeps eating all my non-chocolate snacks.)

6. A few days ago I looked at Baby X and thought “you’re so much prettier than your sister” – to be fair, they’re identical twins and I thought something really similar about Baby Y the very next day.

7. Even though I rant about people’s driving, I completely missed a stop sign yesterday. My DH had to point it out. If you think talking on a cell phone is distracting try having two cranky toddlers in the back seat. Funny that there’s no legislation to ban that in the works…

8. As I’m unpacking from our move last August, I have a pile of stuff I put away and a pile of stuff that I’ve decided should be “lost when we moved.” ie-any clothes of DH’s that has holes in it (except his U2 Zoo TV tour shirt from 1992), any really awful gifts we’ve gotten over the years but have been too afraid to get rid of because what if Great-Aunt Gertrude comes over and asks to see the incredibly tacky candy dish she gave me 10 years ago, etc.

9. When we moved I really did lose a box of heirloom dolls from my childhood. And my Dad keeps reminding me to keep them nice because they’re worth money. But I’m sure they’ll turn up any day now.

10. I still forget my DH’s birth date sometimes. I have trouble remembering if it’s Month 4, 1976 or Month 6, 1974. So I stop and think about how old he is, subtract that from 2007….. I’ve been friends with him for over 10 years, we’ve been together for 5 of those – there’s simply no excuse.
11. If you read this post then you already know, but last week I accidentally used the men’s room at my pediatrician’s office.

12. Last month, when my husband took the girls to his parents so I could catch up on housework, I laid in bed all afternoon and read.

13. I told my husband I needed the computer to work on some MOMs club business. And I ended up here instead. Oops.

So what secrets are you keeping???

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  1. Swistle permalink
    April 6, 2007 1:07 am

    When we moved, I “lost” some of my husband’s trashy sci-fi paperbacks. They were of the sort that have a “warrior” woman in a studded leather bikini (her “armor,” presumably) on the cover, flaming red hair down to her knees. He hadn’t read them since he was a teenager (so he said), but wanted to keep them anyway.

    I really did lose a box of things my grandparents had made for me over the years: elaborate, framed paint-by-numbers, hook rugs, etc. I wasn’t really sorry, but I was nervous they’d ask to see them someday.

  2. kimmy permalink
    April 6, 2007 3:46 am

    yeah they are kewl.. thanks for the comment…


  3. M-j permalink
    April 6, 2007 2:51 pm

    This is a heavy one, are you sure you want to know my secret?

    Ok then.

    My secret is that I want Bugaboo’s issues to disappear. I want to wake up one morning and hear his voice, saying, “Good morning Momma!” Just like my other son. I long for that. It chews me up inside. I just want him to stop being the way he is…

    BTW, I’ve done #12 and 13 many times. I tell him what I need to get done, he takes them to 2 Home Depots, and somehow I am sane again when he returns.

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