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You Want How Much $?

April 19, 2007

I’m going to a convention next Friday/Saturday. I’m co-chairing one of the services at convention so I have to be there the entire day on Friday. I lost my previously scheduled (free) baby sitter at the last minute and spent the past week looking for a replacement. I posted an ad on craigslist and have gotten some interesting responses.

My favorite was the woman who spent four paragraphs detailing:
-her education, background and relevant experience
-the range of ages/number of children that she has worked with in the past
-how she would spend the day reading to them, playing learning games with them, taking them outside for walks and more
Finally, she ended by saying that they definitely won’t be parked in front of a tv all day and her rate is $20 an hour.

Twenty dollars? An hour? Umm, how much is it if you just park them in front of the tv all day? ‘Cause they get the reading, games and outdoors stuff pretty much every day.

At any rate, my DH is going to take off because I’m not taking out a second mortgage just so I can go out for the day.

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