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Voice still MIA

May 1, 2007

Good things about not being able to talk:
1. I don’t spend too much time talking on the phone.

2. I couldn’t get drive through McDonald’s – saving me $2.14 AND a ton of calories.

3. I don’t yell at my kids. Not even when they got into some wrapping paper and tore up little bits all over their nursery.

4. I don’t yell at my husband. Not even when he left 4 sippy cups lying on the floor overnight instead of putting them in the half full dishwasher that he ran anyway.

Bad things about not being able to talk:
1. I really like to talk.

2. It limits the things I can do with me kids – no singing, no reading books, and kind of puts a damper on alot of games. Just try playing peek-a-boo without talking…

3. It’s kind of frustrating to not be able to communicate basic things like telling DH where the kids socks are.

4. I think it’s going to make our errands this morning (library, grocery store, etc) kind of tricky. Although, I do have a sign now that says “I lost my voice.”

Any advice on how to get my voice back? I’m drinking herbal tea, taking steamy showers, and not talking at ALL. Someone told me that I should call the doctor. What an interesting conversation:
Them: Hello, Doctor’s Office
Me: *silence*
Them: Hello, Doctor’s Office
Me: *silence*

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  1. Domestic Goddess permalink
    May 1, 2007 2:21 pm

    The last time I had this I just had to wait it out. Warm compresses on the throat, warm tea with honey and lemon. I had the husband call the doc but there was nothing they could do since there was no infection. Just a red, raw throat. Just drink tons.

  2. Mommy Daisy permalink
    May 1, 2007 6:11 pm

    This too shall pass.

    Wait it out. I had that happen many, many years ago. I don’t think I could handle it now.

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