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My Night Away

May 2, 2007

Friday night I stayed over at the hotel the Convention was at. This was my very first night ever away from my babies. I left before they woke up on Friday and didn’t get back until after their bedtime on Saturday. DH was in charge the WHOLE TIME.

This was the best thing I’ve ever done. As I’ve mentioned before, DH has not been adjusting to the whole dad-of-twins thing that well. His surviving 48 hours straight has made a huge difference. (Well, the anti-depressants may be helping too…)

I can tell that he’s enjoying them more, he’s volunteering to get them ready for bed, he’s changing poopy diapers without being asked, and I am no longer the only person capable of feeding them dinner. In fact, on Sunday, he was still in “I’m in charge of the babies” mode and took it upon himself to decide what to make them for breakfast and lunch!

I’m going to have to leave town more often.

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  1. Mommy Daisy permalink
    May 2, 2007 11:32 pm

    Wow, that sounds so great. Is that what I need to do to be appreciated? Hmm, I’m thinking of an excuse to get away now. 😉 That is great that he’s coming around with caring for them. I see my husband growing as a father each day too.

  2. Domestic Goddess permalink
    May 3, 2007 12:59 pm

    You know,
    when we first had Bug Boy, DH was pretty much petrified. He constantly asked me for direction. I constantly told him to figure it out himself, that he needed to find his own way to parent. One night he let Bug Boy stay in the tub for nearly two hours because it was the only way he’d stop crying. I knew from that point on that he was going to be fine.
    I don’t know why he was so afraid, but it took nearly a year before he felt comfortable. It wasn’t that he didn’t WANT to be alone with them, he just was afraid he would do something wrong. No one expects men to be afraid of anything, and yet, he was scared he’d mess up. The kids don’t know any better, honestly, but they can pick up on fear and tension. When Bugaboo came along he suddenly sprang into action. He knows exactly what to do. It just takes time.
    And yes, leave town more often. It will be good for ALL of them!

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