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Gotta start calling it a Tummy

May 18, 2007

So, a few days ago I got a little insulted when my little A. patted my belly and said “bay-bee” (complete with the sign for Baby). My 16 month old thinks I look pregnant?!? She did it to me all week. Anytime I was sitting down.

However, this morning she started patting her own belly and going “bay-bee, bay-bee” with a huge shreik of laughter and a big smile. Hmm, perhaps they are getting confused because I love to tickle their tummies and say “I love that baby belly!” (A surefire way to get laughs out of my girls.) I tested this theory when we were practising the whole “where’s your nose/eyes/ears” thing. Sure enough, when I asked where their belly was they patted their bellies but said “bay-bee”. Oops.

Now I guess I’ve got to start calling it tummy or just belly. Because I will die of embarrassment if they point to a stranger’s belly and say “baby”. It’s bad enough that they will grab any one’s nose. At least that’s redeemed when they cutely say “nose!”

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