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Day 3 – Repeat

May 24, 2007

Day 3 of the Beginning Baby Steps is to “Do What We Have Already Done.” I’m dressed to shoes and my sink was shiny before I went to bed last night and I’m getting ready to shine it now. I even found time to take a walk yesterday. The other thing that I did was I signed back up for the Flylady email list. I had started getting overwhelmed with the emails but now I’ve realized that they did help me stay focused. Mostly because if I was online too long one of the reminders would show up in my inbox and (gasp) remind me to get back to work. So I’m back to getting 40 emails a day but hopefully it will keep me on track.

I slipped a little in the laundry department but have clothes all sorted for tomorrow morning’s load. I did take a nice long walk at the park this morning, finished the book I was reading at lunch and had a fun playdate this afternoon. Not housecleaning but still important.

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