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Day 9 & 10: Days are getting longer

June 5, 2007

Why are my baby steps taking so long? It’s taken me 4 days to get to Day 9. Is it because the days get longer in the summer? Or is it because today is the first day I’ve actually stayed home.

In Day 9 of the Flylady‘s baby steps, I learned (again) how to declutter. So I set my timer for 5 minutes last night and decluttered in the kitchen. Step 10 is about how we can do anything in 15 minutes. Since that’s about the outer limit of my kids attention span, 15 minutes is perfect. I’m always amazed at what I can accomplish in 15 minutes. During naptime today I kind of used the 15 on, 15 off attack plan that flylady suggests. With 15 minutes spent picking up the dining room and (now) 15 minutes visiting some blogs and updating my own.


Time’s up – back to work…

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  1. Marie Green permalink
    June 6, 2007 3:21 am

    Ok, ok, ok. I’ll check out flylady. =) That is, if I can find her website through all of the CLUTTER around here! =)

    Another note on clutter: It would sure help if the kids weren’t given so much JUNK!!! I mean, cheap little necklaces, happy meal toys (we avoid usually, but not always), trinkets from the bank teller, “party favors” from bday kids at school, even the damn yogurt we buy comes with punch out toys. Garbage, all garbage. What a waste. I have to go through the kids’ toys and stuff after they are in bed and throw stuff out- thank goodness they usually don’t miss it. I long for the days of “Leave it to Beaver” or whatever, when each kid had a few good quality toys, not armloads of plastic and cardboard coming through the door.

    PS. your kids may be too young for this, but it’s coming, I promise…

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