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Smooth Twin Pregnancy

June 10, 2007

The Mom over at Looky, Daddy posted about her full-term twin pregnancy to encourage others not to panic upon learning of their doubly good fortune. Here’s my own positive twin pregnancy story:

  • I made it to 36 weeks and 2 days with my girls. I would have made it longer but my OB feared for his life when he saw my reaction to “You were meant to carry twins. You could probably make it to 40 weeks.”
  • I worked full time up until I was 35w3d. And the only reason I didn’t work until the day I delivered was that the Christmas holiday came in between my last day of work and my scheduled C-section.
  • I walked to work every day. (Granted, I lived about 3 blocks away but it sounds more impressive if I don’t mention that.)
  • I never went on bed rest. Which really stunk since I had actually left some household projects undone (like organizing my photos) specifically so I could do them while on bed rest. (Said photos are still not organized.)
  • I did all of the typical holiday stuff that December – parties, shopping, etc.
  • The only thing I noticed that was different about my pregnancy vs non-twin moms was that I had more doctors appointments. Oh, and the debilitating morning sickness that lasted until I was around 32 weeks. But that happened to my cousin too and she only had one.

I had a C-section because R. was bigger than A. and there was some concern that she would get stuck. I had a scheduled – C-section because my doctor wanted to be the one to deliver, I was already dilated, and because I was just tired of being pregnant. (Plus, I think the death stare I shot him whenever he mentioned that I could “make it to 38, 39, or even 40 weeks” may have helped.) I gave birth to two healthy little girls – A. was 5 lbs 2oz and R. was 6 lbs 1oz. No NICU time, no extended hospital stay. The only “complication” was that they sent us home with two babies. We’re still dealing with that “issue.”

When I learned I was having twins (at 21 weeks, a story for another day), I (like a complete idiot) googled “twin pregnancy”. If you are pregnant with twins don’t do this. It’s just a bad idea. I guess it was good that I was prepared for what could happen. But far too often, books/websites/magazines write about “what could happen” as if it were “what will happen.”

Looking back, I wish I had spent less time worrying about pre-term labor, bed rest, and the NICU. The time could have been spent sleeping. Or eating. Or taking a shower. All things that I missed out on doing those first few weeks the girls were home.

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  1. Marie Green permalink
    June 11, 2007 5:02 am

    We DO have alot of the same details in our pregnancy/twin experiences! I’ll have to post more about my pregnany another day. (I made it 38w 5d! And my girls were 4lbs 15oz and 6lbs 2 oz). We had no NICU time or other “complications” either, except for the two babies. This issue has grown and developed opinions and attitudes, so we are still dealing with it too! =) I also worried about preterm labor/NICU time etc. It seemed EVERYTHING I read RE: twins (and not just on the internet) was so scary. I always try to tell the twin moms I work with that it’s totally possible and even likely that they will have a totally “normal” pregnany and that they CAN make it to term.

    Great topic!

  2. Mommy Daisy permalink
    June 11, 2007 5:24 pm

    Wow, that’s neat to hear your birth story. “You were meant to carry twins.” Ha, I’m sure that was a lovely thing to say. Just like my OB telling me (at abuot 39 weeks) that I was meant to have big babies. He warned me that since my body can handle it, I will probably have all big babies. I had an easy pregnancy too. Unfortunately my son spent a week in the NICU…right next to twin girls. 😉 They were right aroudn 5 lbs each. They were born right before my son, and they went home the same day. We did not anticipate our son spending time in the NICU. He had an infection when he was born, so they took him in there after being with us for about 8 hours. Anyway, you just never can tell how things are going to happen just by reading books and talking to others. You have to learn to go with the flow anyway.

  3. September 17, 2010 8:36 pm

    Well done and I have now heard a few stories of women going to twin full term. I too had a reasonably easy pregnancy. Yes I was tired, had a few pains (including people not doing what I wanted them to do) but I only had morning sickness for two weeks. The girls came via scheduled c-section just before 36 weeks (nothing was wrong, just new research suggesting that birthing identical (mono-di) twins before 36 weeks is better which we decided to follow. PLUS that I was desperate to be free from the belly of babies) and were in hospital for awhile due to this. No complications during this time either. Plus they have been good babies from the get go. Would I change anything? Absolutely not!!

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