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Days 11-14

June 13, 2007

Day 11: Okay, I admit. I skipped Day 11. The baby step for that day was “Add an inspirational page to your control journal.” I still got dressed to shoes, I still shined my sink but I did not find any cool quotes to add to my non-existent control journal. This blog is my control journal. I have nothing against quotes. And I do believe that “you can do anything in 15 minutes.” But I have no quotes to offer here.

Day 12: Delete all the emails from Flylady. This was really, really easy. Day 12 was actually Friday and it felt really good to delete all those emails. Especially since I hadn’t read a lot of them. The bad part of this was that it’s my habit to delete the email once the task is complete. Yeah, there was a lot of unfinished tasks on Friday…and Thursday…and Wednesday….

Day 13: Pick one of Kelly’s Missions and Do It. This was actually pretty fun. I cleared off the bathroom sink area and tossed a bunch of stuff from the third bedroom. It felt good. We have a lot of people coming over this week so it was a busy day. I had did a hybrid of a Weekly Home Blessing Hour and a Room Rescue on the downstairs.

Day 14: Today was day 14 for me and the step is Read an Essay that Kelly Wrote. (Yes, it’s taken me 21 days to get two weeks into the Flylady program.) We had friends over for dinner tonight so I’m just now reading Kelly’s essay on Calendar usage. This topic is especially timely because I managed to miss a really cool play date today with Rachel, Chipmunk Momma, and Lucy T. All because I didn’t look at the calendar and confirm the day/time. I’ve found that I’m prone to forgetting which day of the week it is and what the date is now that I no longer work outside the home. So, even though I keep a fully-updated, color-coded calendar in my kitchen…well, it’s pretty useless if I don’t look at it. Kelly’s essay was interesting and I will be adding calendar checking to my before bed routine. My short-term goal is to always know what day of the week it is. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Right?

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  1. Marie Green permalink
    June 13, 2007 8:26 pm

    Yeah, well I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying to start day 1! =)

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