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Despite my fear of pain…

June 25, 2007

I have a weird fear of pain. To give you an idea, I was reading Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Mermaid Chair” and had to put it down when one of the characters cut off her finger. My finger hurt every time they referenced it. (It’s hurting right now just thinking about it.) And don’t get me started on the whole “give birth to twins” pain. The pain itself wasn’t that bad. Even the recovery from the C-Section went pretty smoothly. But the fear. Oh, the fear.

So, it was pretty surprising when I committed to joining the National Bone Marrow Registry. But after reading Lynne’s post (over at And Babies Make Six) about Elyse Yu, I just couldn’t NOT do something. (excuse the double negative.)

Elyse is a 4-month old triplet who has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. She needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life. I visited Elyse’s website and just cried reading her story. Now, I probably see a “join the registry” story at least once a month. I say a prayer for the person, maybe I’ll even forward their story to a friend or two. Once, after reading Carrie’s blog about small change, I even looking into what being a bone marrow donor entailed. But each time I pictured a needle, a bone, and hurriedly closed the page.

Elyse is different. Her match will most likely come from a donor that is of Asian, specifically Korean, descent. I am Korean. Even more, I realize that as an adoptee, I may one day need some perfect stranger to be my match. I don’t have a biological family to help out if I were to be diagnosed with any of those many diseases that require donors. Or, much, much, much worse, one of my children might need to rely on the kindness of someone they’ve never met to save their life. So, even though I get slightly sick about anything related to hospitals, I am going to register with the Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Asians sadly have just a 40% rate of going through with the donation (According to the Donor Video on Elyse’s site and compared to 70% in other ethnicities). I am determined to not bring down the average. I even hope that I can be the one to match with Elyse. (Watch the donor video if you have the time. It really helped me decide.)

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  1. Perky permalink
    June 26, 2007 1:36 am

    Bless you! If you are the donor, I promise that we’ll all throw you a big party before the donation. Or after. Or both!!!!

    I agree with you. As adoptees who will never have bio family members’ blood/marrow/organs to fall back on, we have a greater responsibility to be willing to donate to others. I’ve said for a long time now that you should have to be willing to be a DONOR before you are eligible to be a DONEE!

    I’m going to check into being a donor, also! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Mama's Moon permalink
    June 26, 2007 5:37 am

    I’ve been so moved by her story (thank you for sharing it!) that I’m determined to donate and spread the word as much as I can!

  3. Domestic Goddess permalink
    June 26, 2007 1:53 pm

    You are brave for doing this. I was a regular blood donor and registry participant until they found out that I have some weird bleeding disorder thingy. They won’t take my blood anymore and I am now chronically anemic.
    Even if you aren’t a match for her you may be for someone just as beautiful and deserving. Thanks for doing it !

  4. petunia permalink
    June 26, 2007 7:00 pm

    I’m so proud of you that you would put aside your fear of needles and such to do that. God works in mysterious ways – you may be the match she needs and you would have found out on a blog….amazing.

  5. Marie Green permalink
    June 27, 2007 3:14 am

    Wow, you’re amazing. I’m going over to read her story right now…
    Thanks for sharing!

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