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Who’s the Boss?

July 17, 2007

Scene 1: Playground
We’re at the playground and R. is waiting by Mommy all ready to leave. A. is wandering in the other direction.
Mom: A.! A.! A., come on, it’s time to go.
A. stays exactly where she is.
Mom: A! Time to go bye-bye.
A. walks in opposite direction.
Mom gives up, chases after her suprisingly fast 18 month old daughter, picks her up, and takes her to the car.

Scene 2: Park three days later
R. is toddling really fast down the path so she’s too far ahead of A. who is taking her good old time.
Dad: R., we have to wait here so A. can catch up.
R: A.! A.! gibberish, gibberish, gibberish.
As soon as R. finishes “yelling” at her, A. starts running to catch up.

So who’s really in charge around here???

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  1. Domestic Goddess permalink
    July 17, 2007 3:04 pm

    C’mon, you know the answer to this! They are in charge! Sheesh!

  2. Mommy Daisy permalink
    July 17, 2007 3:38 pm

    Oh boy, that’s funny. At least they listen to each other. Maybe you can manipulate that to get what you need them to do. 😉

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