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Splish, Splash & Memory Loss

July 18, 2007

Last week (or was it the week before? I need more sleep…) we broke out the baby pool and the kids had fun splashing in it. They learned how to lay on their bellies and kick their feet to splash. Ever since then, they insist on going face down in the bathtub and kicking water all over the place. I think there’s more water on the floor than in the tub by the end.

Today they’re napping early because we have their 18 month doctor’s visit this afternoon. Thankfully, my DH can come with us since he’s got half days for summer school. It’s nice having him home early because I’m able to use the afternoons for baby-free errands. Yesterday I was leaving my favorite craft store and could not understand why my remote entry system wasn’t working on the minivan. My hands were full, it was ridiculously hot out, and I was in a hurry to get home before nap time ended. I tried clicking it from different angles to access the trunk until I finally gave up and fumbled for the key. Which is when I noticed that the stroller in the back of the van was not the right color. And then I remembered that I didn’t even bring the minivan with me. And that DH’s little red compact car was sitting two parking spaces up the row. Honestly, I really was a smart, observant, collected woman before I had kids. Although, with all the stupid things I post here I may have to have to find an independent observer to tell you.

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