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Good News – I’m NOT completely crazy; Bad News…

November 2, 2007

Yesterday was a rough afternoon. Some days the kids are ready and willing to nap; other days you’d think “nap” really meant “torture with hot pointy objects.” We were having a hot-pointy-objects kind of afternoon. On good days we walk upstairs together, take turns getting new diapers, and get into the crib without a fuss. Yesterday was not a good day. Instead, I dragged A. upstairs kicking and screaming. I changed her stinky diaper and tossed her in her crib. Then I carried R. up the stairs, struggling not to drop her as she struggles and screams. I change her diaper, drop her in her crib, say a prayer of thanks that it wasn’t triplets, and head downstairs.

Thirty minutes later I hear loud crying from the nursery. I wait a few minutes and it’s just getting louder. I go in to check on them and R. is in A’s crib and A. is in R’s crib. I quickly settle them down again while I ponder how I could have put them in the wrong cribs. I think hard about who had the dirty diaper and went upstairs first. I check their birthmarks because obviously it’s more plausible that they switched clothes on me than that I put them in the wrong cribs. Except I know that I didn’t put them in the wrong cribs…right?

I head back downstairs still wondering how I made such a mistake and could only assume that I’m going crazy. Until I hear more crying from the second floor. I climb the steps again (at least the exercise will balance the Halloween candy) and open the nursery door. Good news: I’m not completely crazy. Bad news: the girls have learned how to climb out of their cribs.

In A’s crib there are not one, but TWO babies. No matter how crazy I may be, I would remember leaving both of them in the same crib. So, while I’m relieved that I didn’t mix the kids up the first time, I’m very, very, very nervous about this climbing thing. The cribs are right up against each other so hopefully if they keep climbing out they’re only climbing into the next crib instead of falling to the floor. They were in the correct places this morning so I’m assuming that their footed pajamas prevent them from getting a good leg up. I just put them down for their nap with slippers on and will keep my fingers crossed. At any rate, at least I’m no crazier than usual!

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  1. Mommy Daisy permalink
    November 3, 2007 1:43 am

    Oh man, that is too funny. I can just see you scratching your head. I know I would go nuts with two kiddos. One toddler is enough for now.

    Can you move their beds farther apart? Would that help? I know we had to angle Zachariah’s bed in a corner, so he couldn’t reach the windows. He broke the blinds as soon as he learned to stand up in bed.

  2. Rachel permalink
    November 3, 2007 12:43 pm

    I’ve said that “Thank God they’re not triplets” prayer many times myself. Glad you’re not crazy! Sorry I have no advice for you except that when the boys started climbing out of their cribs we converted their cribs into toddler beds. I don’t recommend it – Aaron ended up painting the WHOLE room instead of just his crib with…errr..the contents of his diaper. Yuck!

  3. carrie permalink
    November 3, 2007 11:19 pm

    oooohhhh nooooo! not allowed to climb out.

    my m-i-l had that problem with my husband and his twin. they just kept climbing into one another’s crib. they would only sleep if they were both in the same crib. she eventually just gave up. figured if they were sleeping, so what?

    but when they aren’t sleeping…that is no good.

    i’m glad you are not going crazy-ier!

  4. Morrisquads permalink
    November 6, 2007 7:17 pm


    Get crib tents! They are A MUST! Our boys learned how to climb out of their cribs very early (I think that twins work together – which is why they are able to climb out earlier than “normal” kids). You may feel like you are caging them up like animals at first, but that’ll pass. The boys have grown to love them and actually call me back into the room if I forget to zip them up. They are a bit pricey, but they have been worth every penny for us.

  5. Cel permalink
    November 15, 2007 12:35 am

    I’ve never heard of crib tents! What a great idea! When my kids started to climb out, I put a chair next to the crib so they wouldnt get hurt. Oh well.

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