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Tis the Season for Sharing

November 27, 2007

I guess my kids got the memo that it’s the holiday season and we should be unselfish and share with others. What did they decide to share? Their germs. And not just with each other. With me, too. So all three of us have been lying around with hacking coughs, stuffy noses, and low grade fevers. Isn’t sharing fun?

Today we hit the worst day of any sickness. Today is the day where they are starting to feel better but still have the horrible cough. Which translates to we are still stuck inside but now they have the energy to destroy the house. And my patience. So instead of cleaning up I’m sitting here complaining to the blog world.

In other news, has anyone else read about the new Sesame Street DVD? It seems that the stuff we all watched as kids is no longer suitable for children. I wonder what will be considered unsafe by the time our kids have kids?

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