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Dancing Shoes Back On

December 19, 2007

I seem to write an awful lot of posts about shoes….

One of Flylady’s big things is to wear shoes. I’ve fallen off the flylady wagon lately (pause to bow head in shame) so last Thursday I was NOT wearing shoes when I fell up the basement stairs. (Yes, fell UP.) Good flybaby MB would have been wearing sneakers. Bad flybaby MB was wearing flimsy slippers. Which somehow slipped off as I approached the top of the stairs. Which is why I’m still sporting a stair-pattern of bruises up and down the lower half of my body.

The worst part? My big toe. First it doubled in size. Then it developed this colorful bruising pattern. Five days later and I’m finally able to walk without pain. Now, picture chasing after one active healthy toddler while being unable to walk properly. Then, double that because for some reason there are two toddlers in this house. Thankfully, I have a high threshold for pain – at least that’s what my dentist once told me.

At any rate, hooray for fractures that DON’T require trips to the ER and, from now on, hooray for shoes! Hopefully future epiphanies will be less painful.

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