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January 2008

January 30, 2008

I couldn’t let the entire month of January go by without a post. We were plagued with sickness (as usual) for the new year. DH was sick for my birthday so we cancelled much of the festivities for the girls b-day and mine (which is the day after theirs.) Still, my 28th b-day was way better than last year (horrible stomach virus kept me in bed for 36 hours straight) and at least I wasn’t in the hospital recovering from a C-section (2 years ago.) I figure in a few more years we might actually be able to have cake or dinner that day.

Highlights from this month:

  • Both girls have discovered the joy of opening presents. Between Christmas and their birthday it’s been one long parade of boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon. Pretty much the whole month has been filled with postponed Christmas or Birthday dinners. Now whenever A. sees something with wrapping paper on it (including the wrapped box of chocolates at the drugstore) she asks to “O-pen. Presents.”
  • Both girls are very proud to be two. If you ask how old they are, they say “two” and hold up one, three or five fingers. Never two fingers. Unless you count one from each to equal two.
  • A. will actually tell the truth when you ask her “What’s your name?” R. still says either name unless A. says her name first. I don’t know if she doesn’t get it or if she just likes to trick us.
  • We actually had our very first EASY doctor’s visit. Well, there was some urine sample collection trauma BUT no one cried at all during the exam. Huge improvement. Even better, the Doc was satisfied with their growth. (Surprising since they are 23lbs and 22lbs 14oz and still wearing clothes for 18 month olds…)
  • As for me, being too stupid to say no, I co-hosted a Nursery Rhymes baby shower with my MIL. (What was I thinking!) Time normally used for blogging was spent creating nursery rhyme trivia games, building gingerbread houses, making a diaper cake centerpiece, and way too much more.
  • And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve agreed to help plan a National Convention. No, I haven’t suffered any head trauma lately.

Some fun things that have happened this month include our first real snowfall of the winter. It was there for about 12 hours but the girls had a blast!

The next morning I came up from the basement to find them both wearing snowboots and standing by the door. Sadly, it was all gone by then. 😦

Happy January!

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  1. Mommy Daisy permalink
    January 30, 2008 7:24 pm

    Sorry your birthday was spoiled. Happy Birthday anyway. I love the photos and updates on the girls. They are so cute (what I can see of them with the hats on). 🙂

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