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Mine, mine, mine

June 10, 2008

Thanks for all of the great beat the heat tips, especially the no-drip ice pops recipe from Carol which I went and pulled from the Kraft Canada website. After naptime yesterday we spent some time on our patio with the Sand and Water table some friends generously gave us. We don’t have sand in it yet so the girls played on the water side and DH and I filled the sand side with water and soaked our feet. Add the splashing from the girls and it was a great time.

So the girls have been a little possesive lately. Did I say a little? I mean A LOT.

For instance:
-R is sitting holding her purple sippy cup watching Dora.
-The exact same sippy cup is also sitting on the table.
-A grabs the sippy cup off the table as she screams “MINE!” and turns her body away from R.
-R still just sitting there watching Dora. Didn’t make one move at any point towards “A’s” sippy cup.
These days, pretty much either one will feel the need to announce that whatever is in their hands is “mine” at any given time but this was particularly funny since it was so out of the blue.

Or my new favorite:
-A’s on my lap giving me a hug.
-R notices this and barrels towards us saying “No, MY mommy. MY mommy.”
-R proceeds to climb on my lap while also attempting to push/pull/kick A off my lap.
-A responds by screaming “MY mommy. A’s mommy. No R, no R, no R. MYYYYYY Mommy.”
(A and R can be used interchangeably in this scenario.)

And there’s always:
-Both of them pulling on the same toy/hat/doll/book while screaming at each other “No fight. No fight. No fight.” (It’s clear that my telling them not to fight is really effective.)

Fighting over the Elmo book? Okay, get another Elmo book so they each have one. Refusing to share the rocking horse? Okay, the rocking horse goes in time out. But mommy? Does mommy go in time out? (Oh please, please, please let mommy go in time out!) Do we get a second mommy so they each have one? (Ooo, pick one that cooks and cleans…)

I realize that there are some things that they have to learn to share. It’s just really hard to teach them how to share ME. Particularly when tears, screams, kicks, and scratches are all part of the refusal to share. I’ve tried increasing the one on one time they get but they’re still pretty possesive. I think I’m going to go put myself in timeout now.

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  1. Carol Van Rooy permalink
    June 11, 2008 12:03 am

    I’m glad you successfully found the recipe with the cost of everything rising these are great inexpensive treat.

    In case you didn’t know, as did I, you can freeze canned pineapple juice and make freezer pops the same way.

    We have friends who’s children are on strick diets and this is one of the ways the kids can enjoy a frozen treat.

  2. Kristin.... permalink
    June 11, 2008 1:13 am

    Oh I am living your life, just without the “mine”. The girls climb on me, steal each others toys and fight over EVERYTHING, but since they don’t say “mine” yet I am sort of spared. Sort of.

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