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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

September 2, 2008

Well, I can tell you that I did NOT spend it blogging. I did spend it (in no particular order):

-watching the olympics. I love the summer olympics and almost signed up for cable so that I would be able to watch more of it.
-learning to share. DH is home during the summers and I learned that and R.ita aren’t the only ones who can’t share. Having one computer is fine when I have access to it during all of naptime and for some of the evening. It is not fine with DH expects the same access. Good thing, I did learn to prioritize what I needed to do online. Bad thing, my blog reader almost exploded.
-in a cabin in the woods with no running water. My parents took me and the girls to an amusement park for a few days and we stayed at the nearby campground. It actually went a lot better than expected. Possibly because I expected that I would be moving the girls to a hotel. Instead, it turned out beautifully. In fact, the best part about staying in a rustic cabin with two toddlers is that it’s already childproof because there is nothing in it except beds. No dangerous electrical outlets, no phones to break, no TV to knock over.
-surviving. DH went away for 4 days. I actually did okay while he was gone. With the exception of the 4th day when the washing machine broke and the basement flooded. Although, I should get major points for not using any curse words.
-learning to swim. Okay, I actually do know how to swim so maybe it was unfair of me to take swimming lessons. But I really only know freestyle and there were a few things I wanted to learn. Evidently, I’ve learned so well that I was encouraged by my (very young) instructor to take the lifeguarding course and not to worry because “there are actual adults signed up for it.” It would appear that this summer I also became old enough to be an actual adult.
-watching 3 whole seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. In less than 3 weeks. I’m officially hooked. I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV. Mostly because my evenings aren’t predictable enough to guarantee that I will be free each week. But DVDs are right up my alley. Now I’ve moved on to Alias Season 1-5. I picked this show since it’s no longer on TV which means I won’t have to wait until the next season is released to find out what’s happening.

How did the kids spend the summer?
-we moved into toddler beds. So far so good. I’ll leave the full story for another post.
-lots and lots of time imagining things. We seem to be going through a phase where they like to pretend to be characters from books/TV. For instance, they will go the whole day pretending to be Elmo & Zoe from Sesame Street or Dora and Boots. They will only answer to those names AND insist on naming me and DH. In the past few weeks I’ve been Dipsy (Teletubbies), Isa (the Iguana from Dora), Dizzy (from Bob the builder), Woodstock (a la Charlie Brown), and Big Bird. I try not to be insulted by the Dipsy or Dizzy labels although I’m sure the neighbors must wonder why cries of “No, mommy Dipsy!” keep coming from my house.
-scaring away the neighbors. The house next door is for sale. One day the girls missed their nap. We arrived home just as a nice couple was about to look at the house. As we walked in our door, pitched a massive fit and R.ita felt the need to join her. Is it any surprise that that nice couple spent a mere 3 minutes in the house next door before hopping in their car? *sigh* We’ve become “those” people.

Well, that’s my summer in 300 pages or less!

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  1. carrie permalink
    September 2, 2008 11:42 pm

    That actually sounds like a fun (if not exhausting!) way to spend the summer.

    I’m glad you are *back* – sort of!

  2. Carol VR permalink
    September 2, 2008 11:48 pm

    Aren’t DVD’s great??? I’ve almost finished the first season of Desperate Housewives.

  3. Kristin.... permalink
    September 4, 2008 11:59 pm

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you.
    I’ll need advice; I have twins climbing out of cribs and all over furniture! ack

  4. Mommy Daisy permalink
    September 5, 2008 12:22 am

    Wow, busy busy. It sounds like you’ve had a great summer though.

    Oh, Alias is great. I miss that show. Enjoy. I catch up with a lot of shows online like that…a whole season at once.

    Glad to see you posting again. Missed you.

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