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Five Things I’ve Learned from Blogging

October 7, 2008

So The Four Little Penguins of Spesamor Academy tagged me for a meme. She writes a great blog about her four kids (all 5 and under!) and I really enjoy her posts about homeschooling/Tot School. I need to write about 5 things I’ve learned from blogging. So

1. I learned that I’m not alone. This is something that I really love about the bloggy world. No matter the issue there’s someone out there that’s going through it. Whether it’s struggling with raising twins or not cleaning under the bed.

2. I learned the word “meme.” Although I still can’t get a clear answer on how it’s pronounced.

3. I’ve learned that it’s really theraputic to write down all your thoughts. Even if you forget to publish then and then are no longer angry/outraged/upset/whatever by the time you notice and therefore leave the post unpublished.

4. I’ve learned about all kinds of great contests, products, movies, games, coupons, and freebies from the various and sundry reviewers/frugal bloggers.

5. Finally, I’ve learned that there really are some great people out there. Having an awful day? Finding the morning news depressing with the murders/poor economy/violence? Just hop into the blog world and read the positive post from the mom fighting brain cancer. Or see the kindness between strangers who have only met online as they raise money for another blogger’s hospital bills. Or, my favorite, watch as thousands sign up to become Bone Marrow donors after reading about a baby’s rare, life-threatening disorder. This is why I keep reading blogs – even if I’m not writing in my own.

This is probably where I’m supposed to tag someone or something but instead I’d love to have people comment about what they’ve learned. Or, consider yourself tagged and let me know you’ve decided to play. This way I can put a link up.

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  1. Reluctant Housewife permalink
    October 27, 2008 6:18 pm

    Great list – It’s nice to be part of the bloggy community, isn’t it. I’m constantly amazed at how supportive most mom bloggers are of each other.

    meme rhymes with steam.

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