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Election Day

November 4, 2008

Today is the day that automated voice messaging systems will stop dialing my house. Err, I mean, today is election day.

This is a mommy blog so I won’t be pressuring you to vote for a particular candidate or anything. If one of the candidates was planning to subsidize a live in nanny for all parents of multiples then you’d be hearing from me. Or if someone had a plan that involved investing heavy money in researching self cleaning houses. Definitely then.

But I do want to tell you to get out and vote. I’ve heard a lot of excuses.

Like maybe you don’t like either presidential candidate. Well, then who you elect to Congress is even more important.

Maybe you don’t think the people in Washington matter. Well, then make sure you take a few minutes to consider those local/state offices as well. I learned this year that my township/county that can impact my day-to-day. Local government controls issues that are important to me like recycling service, real estate tax, how my children will be educated, and more. What did you do today? Did you visit your public library? Did you go to the playground? Did you put out your trash? Really? Well then your day has been impacted by your local government.

And you absolutely cannot use the kids as an excuse. Drop ’em off at my house, I’m watching all kinds of kids today so their moms can WORK the polls. Voting takes a lot less time. Plus, I’m bringing my two year old destructive forces with me. They come with me every year. Or bring a neighbor and have her/him sit outside with the kids while you vote. This has the bonus of encouraging a neighbor to vote.

No excuses! And then take your “I voted” sticker to Starbucks and get a free cup of coffee. And Chick Fil-A is also giving away something to people who vote. Happy Election Day!

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  1. Lauren permalink
    November 5, 2008 5:59 pm

    I hope your house wasnt too full!! I voted, but didnt get a sticker (!!), and forgot about the coffee

    🙂 Lauren

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