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PSA: Date What You Write

December 12, 2008

Okay, everyone. Listen up. When you write a letter or card, please be sure to include the date. Particularly the year. This will be very important when many years down the road, the recipient finds a stack of cards sent to her in high school and wants to laugh herself silly. Oh, and last names never hurt, either.

I was continuing my search for my missing yearbook and stumbled upon some cards and notes from high school. Here’s a good one from my sophomore year:

Don’t forget to leave 3rd. (Insert name of classmate) said she would leave if you do. I’m using a nurse pass in case someone asks me. Just don’t go or use this pass. Meet me at your locker.

Enclosed was a Nurses Pass with the reason for referral noted as “nautiosness and a dizzy feeling.” Perhaps if I hadn’t cut my 3rd period English class so much that year I would have known how to spell nauseousness.

Another interesting piece was a Christmas card from my freshman year:

Thank you for the friendship we share. May we continue to share this friendship through high school. Even though we did not get off to the right start. Give me a call.
Love Your Friend Always,

Turns out G wasn’t to be my “friend always.” Possibly because we did not “get off to the right start.” Although, I can’t remember what happened. It must have been big for her to write about it in a CHRISTMAS card, right? Or small since she was actually sending me a Christmas card? Hmmm. And I’ve noticed she’s not one of the people requesting me as a friend.

Off to continue the yearbook search!

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