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February 4, 2009

If you’re on Facebook then there’s a good chance you’ve been tagged for the 25 Random Facts Note that’s making the rounds. Since I rarely get more than a few minutes at the computer at a time, it took me several sessions to get 25 facts down. Which meant I spent a week thinking of random things about myself as I went about my day. My 25 random facts have been posted but I still keep having random facts jump into my head. So now you guys have to read them instead. Sorry.

-I’m trying to see the difference between the half of the floor I cleaned and the half I didn’t. I can’t find any. It kind of takes away my motivation to keep cleaning the floor.

-I rearranged some furniture in my living room. DH was home for a full 20 minutes and only noticed when I pointed it out to him.

-A. and R. have this new thing where they call each other “names” but they’re not real names. It appears that when you’re really upset with someone you call them “gee-gee.” And if you’re annoyed that you’ve been called “gee-gee” then you tell your sister “I’m not gee-gee! You’re fee-fee!” So then I get to jump in and tell them it’s not nice to call someone “gee-gee.” Which makes me feel gee-gee.

-I don’t have cable and finally hooked up the digital converter that we purchased last summer. Ever since they announced that the conversion was happening my Dad has asked me every single time he sees or calls me if I’ve hooked it up. I finally hook it up and I see him the next day. Does he ask? NO!

-I love how much more the girls are talking these days. It’s fun to see them having actual conversations or making their dolls have conversations.

-I took the time to clean 4 inches of snow off my car this morning even though we didn’t have anywhere to go until this afternoon. All morning I got to watch the snow melt off my neighbor’s car and now our cars look exactly the same only she saved herself a 20 minute workout. Oh well, I needed the exercise.

-I’m on a mission to label and organize my photos. I’ve labeled and dated up to December 2006. I’ve labeled but still have to date January 2007-September 2007. I’ve printed and put in order October 2007-Feb 2008. I still have to print March 2008-present. And much of the past 3 months is still on my camera. Probably my mission should just be to take less photos.

Okay, my Flylady time went off. It’s time to get back to work!

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  1. The Hotrum Family permalink
    February 4, 2009 7:32 pm

    NO! Never stop taking more pictures! These are what will help our kids remember all the fabulous times they had!!!! And I have done the 25 things on Facebook as well!

  2. littlezen permalink
    February 7, 2009 4:15 pm

    I’ve been tagged a number of times, and I tried to do it and it timed out on me (grrr)

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