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April 9, 2009

Amy Quarry is doing a GREAT giveaway.  It’s even more perfect if you have TWINS.  I love Amy’s designs and in this contest she is giving away your choice of any TWO items in her shop.  So often I will enter a contest thinking which daughter would get this if I won?  It’s not really a fun choice to have to make.  So the thought of TWO items has me thrilled.  I can already picture them in her adorable re-purposed pants.  Or maybe a dress.  Or some wall art. Or…

At any rate, here’s the details from her blog:

1. If you have a blog, post a link back to either my shop ( or website ( (feel free to use any of my pics too). OR 2. If you don’t have a blog you can post a link to me in your Twitter or Facebook status. (OR if you are totally not a part of the internet world, just write me a comment on this post ( to explain, and maybe tell a friend about me for the good karma!) Winner will be chosen via random number generator on Friday April 3, 2009 at noon pacific time. I should be able to see all the links in Technorati but if you want to make sure I get your entry you can also post a comment or send me an email at thefrontroom(at)gmail(dot)com. Good luck everyone and happy spring!

Good luck!

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