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June Update

June 12, 2009

So it’s been a while.  Here are a few off my favorite moments of the past few weeks:

Brushing Teeth
Every night R. and I have the following conversation.
Me: R, do you want Princess toothpaste or Kitty Cat toothpaste?
R: Umm, just Princess.
Me: Okay, here’s the Princess toothpaste.
R: I’ll have the Kitty Cat toothpaste tomorrow.
Every single night she declares that tomorrow will be the day she uses Kitty Cat toothpaste.  I wonder when she thinks tomorrow is or if she just forgets by the time tomorrow arrives.  I love these 3 year old minds!

Backseat Driver
I made the mistake of teaching them the game Red Light-Green Light.  This is a great tool for taking walks because they stop immediately when I call out “Red Light”.  I use it all of the time.  In stores to keep them from wandering away and when we go for neighborhood walks.  It’s bad for driving.  Because the light a half mile ahead will turn red and A. will get VERY ANGRY that I am not stopping. 

Little Mommies
My favorite thing about this age used to be how they mimic me.  When they cuddle their dolls close and say things like “Aww, you’re so smart.” or “You’re such a good reader” I feel proud.  Because obviously I’m setting an excellent example as a Mom.  I even feel good when they put their dolls in time out, I feel proud.  Do you know when I don’t feel proud?  When I come downstairs to find R. banging her doll’s head into the coffee table.  And that was the end of me smiling over how they mimic me.

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