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June 13, 2009

I was going to title this post “Jillian Michaels Must Die” but I didn’t want to end up on some FBI list.  Or get attacked by rabid “Biggest Loser” fans.  A few weeks back Becky of Our Sweet Peas posted that she was trying out this new workout

My pants have been a rather tight lately and a $15 video is a lot less costly than a new wardrobe.  Plus, I’m one of those people who either has to be really careful about what they eat OR work out daily.  I’d rather eat what I want. And I really don’t care about my weight but I do care about the cost of new clothes. 

Since money is tight I first borrowed the DVD from my local library to see if I liked it.  I made the mistake of trying it for the first time during an untimely heatwave in May without the benefit of air conditioning.  My second mistake was actually thinking I could make it through the video.  In the middle of my workout, R. tried to join me by doing jumping jacks.  It was pretty cute to see her try to follow along.  All of the sudden she calls out “I can’t do it mommy!”  at which point I said “I can’t do it either, R.” and sat down immediately.  Whew.  I could barely walk at the end and I sure felt it the next day.

However, two days after my first attempt I tried again.  And I kept doing every other day for a full week.  Now my pants fit a little more comfortably.  Plus, it hasn’t bothered my knee problems.  So I bit the bullet and bought the video and I’m shredding away.  But every time I finish a workout I think “Jillian Michaels must die.”

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  1. June 15, 2009 4:08 pm

    oh she must die for sure. but you notice she hardly “works out” at all with “US” – she just walks around and points out the right way to do it. bitch.

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