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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

August 10, 2009


-Took a six day trip to Florida to run a convention.  Left the kids and the husband at home.  Together.  Everyone survived.   Severe separation anxiety result of six days away from the girls.  Can’t even type an email without four arms around my neck.  Hence the whole “missed a month of blogging” thing. Weird part about going away for six days: I actually had trouble telling the girls apart for the first few days after I returned. 

-Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Big plans of taking our first EVER overnight trip away from the girls.  Plans thwarted by said girls.  Nothing says “Happy Anniversary” like a three year old vomiting all over you.  Spent said anniversary in bed.  Not that way you dirty minded people.  In the “24-hour stomach bug” way that’s a big bummer.

And now it’s August. 

-Cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom.  Literally scrubbed the walls.  Motivation? Disgusting infestation of pantry moths.  See, I can be a good homemaker.  I just need to see moth larvae crawling all over the rice and flour to give me the incentive I needed.  Gag.

-Actually, the real sign that I’m a stellar housewife is that my anniversary gift to DH was me cleaning our bedroom.  (Why is that the room that is always taken care of last???) 

-Vacation time! I’m actually finding the time to write because I’m on vacation and taking advantage of the hotel’s free WiFi AND my laptops new (and incredibly inexpensive) wireless adapter.  Love it!

In kid news:

-R keeps making hilarious observations like “A. is whining” in this perfect tone of voice that’s not judgemental but more puzzled that this behavior is occuring.   

-A. remembered correctly that Saturn is the planet with rings around it.  Of course, this is less impressive when you consider that Blue’s Clues taught her this.  Someday these kids will demonstrate knowledge that doesn’t come from a Nick Jr. episode.  And we don’t even have cable!

-The girls enjoy cracking each other up by singing “Shaky, shaky buu-utt! Shaky, shaky bu-utt!” and, well, shaking their butts.  It’s like living with two pre-teen boys.  I’ve even heard them say the word “butt” and burst out laughing.

Obligatory blogging comment:

MUST make more of an effort to blog.  If only because my memory is non-existent and if I don’t write it down then it didn’t happen.  So aside from those two short blurbs, the month of July didn’t happen.  Yikes!

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  1. August 26, 2009 4:54 am

    So glad you checked in…I have been wondering how you all were doing! Here’s hoping you are around more in September! 🙂

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