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First Day of School

October 2, 2009

I have graduated to Preschool Mom!  The girls are going to the Preschool Lab at our local HS.  This means that that high school kids are the “teachers” supervised by an adult teacher.  It works well for us because each girl will get individual attention.  Okay, really, it works well for us because OMG it’s only $6 per day and we don’t pay anything for field trips or snacks.  I can never resist a bargain.

For three weeks we had been preparing for the first day of school.  We read books about going to school, we talked about how Mommy stays home while they’re at school, and we’d even driven by the school.  The girls were excited to start until suddenly they weren’t.  When I told them one  morning that they would be starting preschool in two more days they both made sad faces and said, “But I want to stay with you, Mommy.” 

Monday was the “preview day” where we got the chance to visit the classroom.  I was nervous because they had been resisting the idea of preschool pretty hard that day.  Fortunately, our good friends the G. family helped us out.  One of the kids had gone to the same preschool last year and her big sister was able to talk to R. about all of the fun things to do at preschool.  It worked like a charm because on the way to the preview day, R. repeated all of those things to A. when A. said she didn’t want to go.  (Can I just say that my favorite thing is to hear A. and R. have actual conversations?!)

Preview day went so well that one of the first things that R. said when she woke up was “Mommy, I want to eat breakfast so I can get dressed and go to school.”  On the first day parents come into the classroom and spend the first hour with the kids.  After that I enjoyed 1.5 hours jammed packed with: library to return books, hardware store, dollar store, grocery store, home, and back to pick them up.

Both of them did well that first day although there were more requests for hugs and snuggles that afternoon.  R. tends to get angry at me when I leave her and she was a little more difficult than usual that afternoon.  Day 2 went somewhat better with the kids still resisting going but having fun in the end.  Hopefully this will be a great year!

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  1. Merlot permalink
    October 15, 2009 8:00 pm

    Wow! I didn’t know high schools offered that. I wonder if they all do? That’ts pretty neat!

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