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Perfect Timing

February 1, 2010
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A. woke up at 12:30am flipping out that her sheets were dirty.  (She wasn’t upset that she’d thrown up but she was really, really stressed out over her dirty pillow.) By the time I bathed her, put the sheets in the laundry, settled her into bed, and climbed back into bed myself, R., who had slept through it all – even with the lights on, woke up crying that her belly hurt.  Then she threw up all over me.  I guess it’s good timing that they took turns but it was 4:30am before I got back to sleep. 

Thank goodness it was Sunday.  DH, who managed to sleep through all 4 hours of this, was resisting getting out of bed at 5am when A. cried to go potty.  I literally kicked him out, mumbled something about how they both vomited, and fell back asleep.  I must have been pretty scary because he let me sleep until noon. 

To add to the perfect timing, the February 1st is the deadline for three separate reports/articles.  And I’m such a procrastinator that I was supposed to take care of all three while the girls were at a birthday party this afternoon.  *sigh*

On a completely different note, I did find time to make homemade soft pretzels today.  I’ve been trying to use my bread machine more and there was a recipe for soft pretzel dough.  I’m still getting the hang of working with dough so these tasted pretty good but looked pretty bad.  Not quite as misshapen as the homemade bagels, but still pretty bad.

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