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Perfect Timing

February 1, 2010
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A. woke up at 12:30am flipping out that her sheets were dirty.  (She wasn’t upset that she’d thrown up but she was really, really stressed out over her dirty pillow.) By the time I bathed her, put the sheets in the laundry, settled her into bed, and climbed back into bed myself, R., who had slept through it all – even with the lights on, woke up crying that her belly hurt.  Then she threw up all over me.  I guess it’s good timing that they took turns but it was 4:30am before I got back to sleep. 

Thank goodness it was Sunday.  DH, who managed to sleep through all 4 hours of this, was resisting getting out of bed at 5am when A. cried to go potty.  I literally kicked him out, mumbled something about how they both vomited, and fell back asleep.  I must have been pretty scary because he let me sleep until noon. 

To add to the perfect timing, the February 1st is the deadline for three separate reports/articles.  And I’m such a procrastinator that I was supposed to take care of all three while the girls were at a birthday party this afternoon.  *sigh*

On a completely different note, I did find time to make homemade soft pretzels today.  I’ve been trying to use my bread machine more and there was a recipe for soft pretzel dough.  I’m still getting the hang of working with dough so these tasted pretty good but looked pretty bad.  Not quite as misshapen as the homemade bagels, but still pretty bad.


New Year

January 30, 2010

I keep meaning to blog.  Really.  I do.  But then I also keep meaning to clean out my basement and THAT’s 4 years overdue. 

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to have one of these beautiful blogs that are daily journals of my life.  But I can try to commit to having at least a weekly blurb.  Because really, if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.

This week was a long one.  We’re in week 2 of our 3 week break from preschool.  It hasn’t been that bad in that I haven’t gone completely insane.  Emphasis on the completely part.  What has been bad is that we have very little motivation to get out of bed, let alone leave the house.  For instance, this morning we were meeting B. for coffee at 10am.  At 8:50am, B. called to push it back to 10:30am.  We were still in bed when she called so the extra half hour was a nice surprise.  Somehow we managed to be 5 minutes late AND I completely forgot to bring stuff to entertain the girls.  WTH.

I need to snap out of whatever funk I’m in and get back into a good routine.  Flylady here I come!

Twin Differences

October 22, 2009

Having “identical” twins, I’m always on the lookout for twin differences.  Today I was handing out the last bit of Oatmeal Squares cereal.  Since they were fighting over it AND there would be no more until I found time to go grocery shopping, I gave it out literally piece by piece.  As I went one for you, and one for you, A. collected them patiently in her hands, while R. stuffed them immediately in her mouth as though someone was waiting to wrestle them from her grasp.

Twin Pain

October 20, 2009

I’ve read studies about how twins can feel each others pain.  One twin is badly hurt and the other one knows.  People have asked me since an absurdly early age if my girls experienced this.  (Really people, if they’re two years old how well can they express their own pain, let alone what their twin is going through?)

Really, the only thing that comes close to one twin feeling the others twin’s pain is this:

A.: Shrieking because she stubbed her toe.
R.: Crying that Ali’s too loud.  It’s hurting her ears.

Splitting My Time

October 20, 2009

What a day.  I spent the morning cuddling with my mostly recovered kids.   I did two loads of laundry, using my latest batch of homemade laundry soap, and returned a few phone calls.  We had a quick lunch then we all hopped in the car so I could spend the afternoon planting November Weeds, aka pol.itical lawn signs.   By 3pm I was home to pop dinner in the oven (ribs w/ a 2 hour cook time) and get a fresh loaf going in the breadmaker.   By 5:30pm dinner was served then it was off to do more door knocking.  By 7pm I was home to get the kids bathed and ready for bed.  Once they were settled it was time to prep for the next lit drop and make butto.ns for people to wear at the polls. 

I laugh a little at the days where I split my time between being a 1950s housewife and a  Two things I NEVER dreamed I’d be. 

Just two more weeks.

PSA – Keep Keys with You

October 16, 2009

Just wanted to suggest that no matter how young your kids are you should always take your keys with you when you step outside your home.  Even if it’s just to go to the bottom of your front steps to pick up a package.  Even if when you walk out your little angels are playing quietly in the dining room.  Even if you’re barely out of sight for 30 seconds.  Even then.  Because you never know when your angels will demonstrate that they know how to lock the door.  With you on the other side.

Week 3 of School

October 15, 2009

This is the third week of preschool.  Since it’s at the High School lab we start later than most preschools because they need several weeks to teach the high schoolers what to do. 

First week – kids had two good days.   Resisted the idea of school but enjoyed the reality.

Second week – I kept them home one day due to coughing/sneezing so they only had two days of school that week.

Third week – It looks like we’re going to miss the whole week due to illness. 

So far we’re at 50% attendance for just three weeks of school.  At least it’s only $6 per day/per kid for us to sit at home and watch TV.


In other news, A. is really growing up.  Sure sign: last night we found out that she’s old enough to know to call for a bucket when she has to vomit.  The bad part: we learned this because she woke up at 3am crying “Mommy, I need a bucket.”  Ugh.  The redeeming factor: at least I got her the bucket in time.